wire harness Manufacturer Real factory base in China, no middleman

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Large Manufacturing Scale and Delivery Time Shortening

We have large production capacity and molding experiences. So we can shorten the delivery days by over 50% compared with other suppliers.


Professional OEM/ODM technical support, 100% on-time production and delivery

Attentive service

100% quality guaranteed after-sales service

Strong production capacity

competitive price, MOQ support, reliable industrial chain

Multi-party authentication

IATF16949 certification, CE, UL/CUL, VDE, CCC, ROSH certification

Olink helped us solve many problems. I have to say that their team is very experienced and always goes all out to help me save money in the most suitable way. I don’t think there is any reason not to cooperate with them. If you are looking for solution."

Eric Balmer

A buyer from one of our clients.

Free Design Services

Designed by engineers with more than 10+ years of experiences to ensure professinalism.

Having helped our clients with hundreds of field problems already means our design solutions can save you a lot of time.

Just tell us your brief ideas, and we can turn it into the design drawings with details you want.

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Let's raise your project profit to the next level,NOW! →

After understanding the requirements, we will let our engineers help you to provide a completely free solution including design drawings

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